Resources for Gluten and other Sensitivities


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Here are some other recommended resources:

Recipe Web Sites:

Against All Grain  This website is written by Danielle Walker.  
There are many fantastic recipes, all of which are grain free, and many are also dairy-free and free of other allergens.

Rebecca Katz The author of this website is a cook who has written many excellent whole foods cookbooks including The Cancer Fighting Kitchen and The Longevity Kitchen.  

Nourishing Meals  This website is maintained by Alissa Segersten, who has written a number of cookbooks, including The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook.  It features whole foods that are free of gluten, dairy, soy and many that are egg-free.  

Diane Sanfilippo Diane Sanfilippo  hosts the Balanced Bites podcast and is author of the bestselling  Practical Paleo.  All of these recipes are grain-free and most are dairy-free.  

Functional Medicine Web Sites: 

Gluten Free Food Solutions Magazine This on-line monthly e-magazine gives excellent articles and recipes for anyone who has celiac, non-celiac gluten sensitivity or who is not eating gluten for other health reasons.

Allergic Living This is an excellent website for anyone with one or more food allergies. They have articles and recipes and I very much enjoy their newsletter.

Chris Kresser is a functional medicine practitioner. He provides unbiased research that is well-referenced and promotes an ancestral-health way of eating that is customized to each person’s individual needs.

Dr. Josh Axe is a functional medicine practitioner. He is also a Christian and provides recipes and fitness advice that is very practical.

Dr. Kelly Brogan is a functional psychiatrist. This site provides excellent advice for mental health, as well as nutrition advice for women at all life stages.

Center for Environmental and Occupational Medicine This is a nationally known medical center in North Charleston, SC  I see Dr. Bettina Herbert there, who is an IFM certified practitioner.  

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